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Rifle Bullets



I'm running for Congress for many reasons, but it's safe to say I would not have made the leap without being so inspired by the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School and their allies in the struggle against gun violence. The "March for Our Lives" pushed me into the race. I figured if all those kids were courageous enough to put themselves out there, in the face of right-wing taunts, threats, and abuse, how could I sit on the sidelines?

I believe in the right to bear arms. I understand and appreciate hunting culture. I sympathize with people who want a gun for self-defense. But we are well within our constitutional rights to establish restrictions on what weapons can be used and by whom. I recommend the following reforms:

  • Universal background checks (close the gun-show and internet kit or "ghost gun" loopholes).

  • Once again ban assault weapons.

  • Ban high capacity magazines.

  • Improve data sharing among agencies that supply information to the background check system.

  • Create exception in privacy laws to allow medical providers to report dangerous firearm owners to law enforcement.

  • Repeal laws banning a national gun registry and establish such a registry.

  • Require gun owners to be licensed and each gun to be registered. Also require gun owners to carry liability insurance for every gun they own. (Gun control opponents often say: "Cars kill as many people as guns, and you're not calling for them to be banned!" Indeed, but drivers of cars need to be licensed and their cars need to be registered and insured. Why not require the same for guns?)

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