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Dollar Bills



Taxes are important. They fund critical infrastructure, vital social programs, national parks, scientific research, and national defense. But the tax burden is far too high, especially for struggling poor and middle class people. With the costs of goods and services ever on the rise, but wages stagnant for most working people, tax relief is very much needed. Especially for states like New Jersey, with high property taxes, policy makers in Washington, DC must: 

  • Repeal the Trump tax plan, which was a huge giveaway to the rich and corporations.

  • Raise taxes on the 1% — the richest of the rich — not to excessive levels, but high enough to adequately fund the government.

  • Make permanent across-the-board federal income tax cuts for middle class taxpayers.

  • Close loopholes to bring back corporate taxes from offshore tax havens. Businesses must pay their fair share.

  • Reinstate the property tax deduction (stripped from the tax code to punish voters in large Democratic states like New Jersey).

  • Establish a Universal Basic Income, which would (among many other positive impacts) help relieve the tax burden on so many people, especially the elderly and disabled people who too often have difficulty paying their property taxes and thus staying in their chosen homes.

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