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Cable-Stayed Bridge Tower



  • Invest in public infrastructure for jobs, safety, and the general advancement of the country.

  • Support small business entrepreneurship much more robustly.

  • Provide governmental support only to sustainable economic development projects.

  • Advance renewable energy research and development, and subsidize its wide adoption.

  • Encourage the creation of more worker-owned cooperatives and labor-employer works councils.

  • Acknowledge that our political and economic system has left behind vast swaths of the country, including disproportionately high numbers of people of color, and begin moving the country to a universal basic income (UBI).

  • Fight outsourcing and close tax loopholes that encourage corporations to keep operations and money overseas.

  • Use the legislative process to restore Net Neutrality, because a free internet has been the biggest driver of economic development in history, and the end of Net Neutrality means the end of online freedom.

  • Establish fair trade deals with countries around the world, using trade policy to preserve jobs in the U.S. and improve working conditions and environmental practices abroad.

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